Plezi Unchained: stop using every guru tactic and market your way out of it


In this webinar we discuss:


Marketers are tired of wasting time and money. Trying to keep up with the latest guru's tactic and new technology can be costly and lead to a burnout without getting any results.

We are o-ver-whelmed!

We have to build a brand, get leads, nurture them, find new tactics, talk to our clients, understand the prospects pain points, create content, prove ROI, and also send the goddamn PDF link of our last ebook to Peter the sales guy... Okay, it's just a little thing! But it's the straw that broke the camel's back.

On top of all of that?.... Coronavirus ...


best practice and the routine and strategy every marketer should have

hacks - do we need them? What works and what doesn't

the tools at our disposal, how to prioritise and evergreen tactics to employ


Our speakers

Benoit Collet

Our growth Marketer at Plezi, Benoit has helped more than 50 software companies with their digital marketing

John Hughes

John is the Business Developer for the UK market at Plezi. With a background in sales, marketing, content and digital presence for B2B e-commerce and start-ups.

Plezi is THE B2B automation software for smart marketers. It allows you to centralize all your content, contacts and tools to succeed in your inbound marketing strategy.

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