SEO and Inbound Marketing - how to build your brand


People often think of SEO and Inbound marketing as two separate techniques in order to bring more traffic to your site, but in fact, the two are linked in terms of best practice.

In this webinar we go through an introduction to SEO and Inbound Marketing. Practical tips to help you improve as well as a holistic approach to the two to generate more targeted traffic and to help define your brand. With advice from Plezi's own Growth Hacker Benoit Collet, but also SEO guru Lukasz Zelezny.


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On the agenda:

  1. how inbound marketing and SEO techniques complement each other

  2. how to create an inbound marketing strategy based on data

  3. how to identify gaps`- understand how to utilise low hanging fruits

  4. keyword research

  5. how to optimize each piece of content for traffic and conversions

Our speakers

Lukasz Zelezny

Lukasz Zelezny, top 10 UK social media influencer, UK search awards judge and former director of organic performance at ZPG. Previously leading his team he is responsible for the uSwitch.com, Zoopla.co.uk and PrimeLocation organic visibility, conversion rate, traffic and engagement. He has been responsible for the organic performance of a number of companies including HomeAway, Thomson Reuters, The Digital Property Group and Fleetway Travel.

John Hughes

John is the Business Developer for the UK market at Plezi. With a background in sales, marketing, content and digital presence for B2B e-commerce and start-ups.


Benoit Collet

Our growth Marketer at Plezi, Benoit has helped more than 50 software companies with their digital marketing

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