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How to save a week's worth of work with marketing automation.

Concentrate your efforts on the essential and join up your marketing efforts in order to get real results. 

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Are you... 

👉 Are you a busy marketer who knows exactly what it is you want to do, but just don't have enough hours in the day?

👉Are you spending your time messing around with relatively simple tasks, which make you want to throw your laptop to the floor because of a technical flaw or problem inherent with an interface?

👉Do you spend several days waiting for a graphic or coding just so you can launch a campaign?

Then this webinar is for you! 

More than just tech, we go through practical ways in which you can reduce time on certain tasks so you can concentrate on the fun stuff by being creative.

We discuss : 

01 Practical tips on how you can centralise your efforts and automate simple, repetitive tasks;

02 How to get data and stats that will help you improve your marketing and report to your boss. Identify the right KPI's to monitor the performance of your campaigns and the progress of your leads in the conversion funnel;

03 How to attract leads to your site, through social media and emailing;

04 How to convert better when traffic comes to your site;

05 How to get quality leads to pass on to sales that are within your target market.

Our speakers

Lucile Rivière
Product Lead

She is involved in developing all the new innovative features on our product, with a great knowledge of marketing from her time as a Customer Success Rockstar!

John Hughes
Business Developer

Experienced in both sales and marketing, with a healthy dose of background in e-commerce, growth and strategy.

Plezi is a
B2B marketing automation software.

Our goal is to simplify the daily life of B2B marketers by offering an easy-to-use, ergonomic and intelligent tool.

Hundreds of companies already trust us to accelerate their growth and automate their marketing while saving precious time, thanks to our innovative features.

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