Digital Marketing - short term vs long term


In this webinar we discuss:


Companies are often focusing on big wins, instant buzz, a campaign that has great numbers, particularly in a difficult period when it’s important to get hits.

However, short term thinking in Marketing will not necessarily get you the qualified leads that you’re looking for or be the best image for your brand in the long run.

Dean Seddon, CEO of Maverrik and John Hughes, Business Developer for Plezi as we discuss the merits of short and long term thinking, practical tips on how to grow your brand and your business to take control of your B2B marketing strategy.

the difficulty of taking long term actions in marketing when faced with the pressures of targets and sales

how to engage prospects in your product by providing value

back to the beginning: the definition of marketing

take control of your marketing mix: what actions create instant wins and which are good for your brand in the long run

inbound marketing and how it can feed your brand for the long term

Our speakers

Dean Seddon

Dean Seddon is the founder of Maverrik, a business growth training and consulting company. Dean's training has been delivered into over 100,000 businesses across the globe and has helped marketers, sales people and business owners grow their revenues. His no-nonsense communication style allows him to quickly guide people to solutions to achieve the goals they are eager to achieve.

John Hughes

John is the Business Developer for the UK market at Plezi. With a background in sales, marketing, content and digital presence for B2B e-commerce and start-ups.

Plezi is THE B2B automation software for smart marketers. It allows you to centralize all your content, contacts and tools to succeed in your inbound marketing strategy.

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