The three pillars of SEO and content marketing

Use these 3 criteria every time you create new content for your site

Learn how to communicate better about your brand through your content, by thinking about the three pillars of SEO in each piece of content you make.

Jason and I will help you to see how search engines understand your website and content and we'll give you practical tips on how to improve your ranking.

With each new piece of content, you can consider which one of those three pillars is being served.

Make sure Google understands who you are and what you offer so that it can match your content to its users’ queries. Structured data, copywriting, presence on relevant third party sites.... We’ll explain how you can help Google understand.


Next, you need to make sure Google perceives your content as the BEST solution to its users’ problem or question. Reviews, peer-group approval, inbound links... We’ll give you advice on how you can boost your credibility / E-A-T in Google’s eyes.


Lastly, ensure that Google believes you can efficiently and effectively deliver on your promise - be it content, or the actual products or services the user is looking for. The form, format and platform of your content, the quality of your website... We’ll show you what you need to improve to ensure deliverability.

Our speakers

Jason Barnard

Jason Barnard is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in Brand SERPs and knowledge panels - The Brand SERP Guy

Podcast host, speaker, Author and company founder of Kalicube- a groundbreaking digital marketing agency that pioneered the concept of exact match Brand SERPs (what your audience sees when they google your brand name).

Jason is a regular contributor to leading digital marketing publications such as Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land and is a regular guest on others such as Wordlift, SE Ranking, Semrush, Search Engine Watch, Searchmetrics and Trustpilot.

John Hughes

John is the Business Developer for the UK market at Plezi. With a background in sales, marketing, content and digital presence for B2B e-commerce and start-ups.

Plezi is THE B2B automation software for smart marketers. It allows you to centralize all your content, contacts and tools to succeed in your inbound marketing strategy.

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