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Predict the buying cycle for sales and marketing


Understand the real KPI's to look at from your marketing actions:

Whether your strategy to attract more leads is inbound or outbound, it is important for you to be able to effectively predict the sales forecast. And needless to say, that current circumstances have upended everything - even more so than ever.

Do you have an overview of
how your marketing actions and spend actually affect sales? Can you keep track of the effectiveness of engagement once a lead has been given to sales?


In partnership for this webinar, Plezi and Ebsta discuss two separate routes to predict your future revenue.


Inbound Marketing
 How to get statistics (traffic and conversion) on all of your marketing campaigns in order to truly understand your effectiveness

 How to track your content marketing strategy

 How to understand and personalise the interest of your leads

Outbound marketing

 The buying indicators you need in your CRM

 How to look past sales activity to understand true engagement

 How historic deals can flag risk and identify outcomes sooner

Our speakers

Guy Rubin

The co-founder and CEO of Ebsta, a revenue intelligence platform in the Salesforce ecosystem. Ebsta drastically improves forecasting accuracy, flags pipeline at risk, and increases customer engagement for sales teams in over 1,200 companies across 70+ countries.

John Hughes

John is the Business Developer for the UK market at Plezi. With a background in sales, marketing, content and digital presence for B2B e-commerce and start-ups.

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