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Salesforce + Plezi: the winning combination to increase your turnover

Do you already have a CRM that helps your sales and marketing teams work together, but you're still not getting the results? Are you looking to align the two teams better?

At Plezi, we were having the same problem and synchronising Salesforce and Plezi meant 
a big increase in the effectiveness of our sales.

In this webinar, find out how we put our sales and marketing alignment in place and best practice to synch your CRM and marketing automation in order to increase your turnover.

Watch the webinar to find out how to (finally) align your marketing and sales turnover!

Watch the WEBINAR

We discuss:

1. How to define your purchasing journey and align your marketing and sales teams.

2. How to properly configure your synchronisation to guarantee the smooth journey of your prospects?Learn about form and synchronisation rules.

3. How to use your data from Plezi to analyse and optimise your results? Identify the right indicators to monitor the performance of your campaigns and the progress of your leads in the conversion funnel.

And, of course: We answer all your questions!

Our speaker

John Hughes

Business Developer from Plezi, experienced in both sales and marketing, with a healthy dose of background in e-commerce, growth and strategy.

Plezi is an inbound marketing solution. Our goal is to simplify the daily life of B2B marketers by offering an easy-to-use, ergonomic and intelligent tool. Hundreds of companies already trust us to accelerate their growth and automate their marketing while saving precious time, thanks to our innovative features.

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