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Marketing Report Template

Create your own Marketing Report with this customisable template

Do you need to analyse and present your marketing results?

Marketing managers, for both companies and agencies alike, need to constantly analyse and prove their results.

But with a multitude of indicators, which ones do you highlight? And in what format and how can you do it efficiently?

Here, you can find our marketing report template to get a clear and concise B2B marketing report.

You'll find in this template:

  • A Google Slide or Powerpoint presentation to show the return on your marketing.
  • Sections dedicated to your online campaigns, emailing, social media, content marketing and ads.
  • A Google Sheet or Excel to create clear graphics that cut through. marketing report template by Plezi

Get your marketing report template 👇

📈 Do marketing reporting the right way

Create a comprehensive marketing report that is of benefit to both you and your audience with this free template.

  • For you: it measures your performance and therefore can help identify ways to improve this. Marketing reporting also lets you suggest new marketing ideas or campaigns to your executive team based on your results, thereby helping your business to grow. 
  • For your executive team: In the short term, it provides proof of the return on investment of your work, and lets your audience take advantage of your recommendations. In the long term, marketing reporting also gives your CEO a clear overview of objectives and results, enabling them to make decisions that are financially sound.

Don't just summarize the various results achieved. Explain the how and why of your performance. Your executive team must be able to clearly understand how these results were achieved.

🎯 A template to stay clear and concise

Regardless of what information that you include in your report, it will be easier to read if you stick to the format of 1 slide for each idea.

Avoid including every KPI possible. Instead, focus on those things that are the most meaningful, including:

  • the verifiable results obtained;
  • your views on the reasons for these results;
  • your recommendations for future marketing campaigns and the company’s overall strategy.

Above all, it’s important to present figures which will enable your company to take actionable steps and avoid including vanity metrics at all costs.

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