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Create your own Marketing Report with this customisable template

Do you need to analyse and present your marketing results?

Marketing managers, for both companies and agencies alike, need to constantly analyse and prove their results.

But with a multitude of indicators, which ones do you highlight? And in what format and how can you do it efficiently?

Here, you can find our template to get a clear and concise B2B marketing report.

You'll find in this template:

  • A Google Slide or Powerpoint presentation to show the return on your marketing.
  • Sections dedicated to your online campaigns, emailing, social media, content marketing and ads.
  • A Google Sheet or Excel to create clear graphics that cut through. template reporting marketing

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Plezi is an inbound marketing solution. Our goal is to simplify the daily life of B2B marketers by offering an easy-to-use, ergonomic and intelligent tool. Hundreds of companies already trust us to accelerate their growth and automate their marketing while saving precious time, thanks to our innovative features.

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