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How Lemonway tripled their inbound marketing leads

  • 50% more traffic
  • x3 more leads
  • 65% of new clients from marketing leads

Discover how Lemonway created their amazing results through their inbound marketing and by using Plezi!

Lemonway is a pan-European payment solution for marketplaces and crowdfunding. A fintech solution available in 29 countries, their target customers are C-suite CEO's, CTO's and CFO's... sometimes quite hard to get hold of.

So how did they manage to engage with people who are time sensitive and what steps did they put in place to action their marketing plan?

With Plezi, they defined their goal:

  • to better identify and address their target market
  • to better qualify leads
  • to see an ROI from inbound marketing

Learn how Lemonway met and exceeded these goals and gain practical advice as they take you through the entirety of the inbound marketing strategy.



We'll be discussing: 


Tactics  on how to boost conversion to your site.


What type of content you need at different parts of the funnel


How to better align sales and marketing to create a good handover

The speakers:

Karine Coutinho - Lemonway

Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Lemonway, Karine is in charge of overseeing and putting their marketing strategy in place and has 10 years experience working in financial services and fintech

John Hughes - Plezi

John is the business developer for Plezi in the UK, both with a hand in our marketing as well as sales and growth and strategy

Plezi is a marketing automation software designed to make life more simple for marketers. A unique, all-in-one tool, that is easy to use, ergonomic and efficient. Already more than 400 companies trust us to push their growth and automate their marketing while saving precious time, thanks to our Smart Campaigns.

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