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Lead nurturing for B2B marketers: best practice to identify quality leads

Save time, shorten the sales cycle and convert more leads into customers. A marketers dream. Well, guess what? Lead nurturing is here to help!


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Lead nurturing: lots of people throw the phrase around, but what is it exactly? And what will it do for your business? How do you set it up? And is it a technique that is right for you?

Find out in this webinar:

  • Best practice from Nabila: the mouthpiece of our customers - we'll tell you what the most common issues are
  • Plezi's experience from John: putting in place a lead nurturing strategy at Plezi meant 60% more customers 

In this webinar: 


What is lead nurturing?

Why implement it in your business and when to launch it?


Our advice and methodology to push your leads through the buying cycle

👉 How to segment your contacts and buying journey 
👉 What content to use for each stage of the journey
👉 What routines to put in place to continuously improve your nurturing


Plezi's most powerful feature: our Smart Campaigns and how they work

(The functionality everyone wants  
🤫 ) 

Our speakers

Our CSM for Plezi, Nabila has helped over 200 B2B clients to deploy their nurturing strategy.

Nabila El Bouzari
Customer Success Manager

Business developer with a hand in both sales and marketing for Plezi.

John Hughes
Business Developer UK

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