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How Lemonway surpassed their marketing targets and tripled their lead generation in less than 6 months with Plezi!


Here, Lemonway's marketing team discuss how the created their targets, how the set Plezi up and the great results they achieved. 

  1. Define precise and realistic targets
  2. How to implement an inbound strategy with the redesign of the website
  3. Redefine the buyers journey and tracking of leads
  4. Plezi as a dashboard
  5. Results that exceed their expectations
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Lemonway is a pan-European payment solution for marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms. Available in 29 European countries, this fintech solution has seen huge development and recently raised 25 million to accelerate its growth.

Lemonway's target customers are normally C-suite decision makers, CEO, CTO , CFO.... supporting pure player platforms and their messaging is designed to attract and engage this audience. Their growth also means they increasingly communicate with large groups.

So, how can you engage people who are time sensitive and hard to get hold of?

With Plezi, they clearly defined their goals:
  • to better identify and address their target customers
  • to generate qualified leads
  • to see an ROI from inbound marketing with quantified figures and stats

“It's simple, since we started with Plezi our results have gone through the roof. It's completely exceeded our expectations.”lemonway case study plezi


Plezi is an inbound marketing solution. Our goal is to simplify the daily life of B2B marketers by offering an easy-to-use, ergonomic and intelligent tool. Hundreds of companies already trust us to accelerate their growth and automate their marketing while saving precious time, thanks to our innovative features.

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