Case Study: IdexLab

Fiond out how IdexLab overhauled their inbound marketing strategy and cut their sales cycle in half!

"The smart campaign is key for us. We map our content and Plezi does the rest. In terms of organisation, it's perfect. Now, we write our content, format it, we put the tags on and we can create one piece a week, no worries!"


IdexLab is an open innovation platform. Their target market is diverse, including industry experts, academics, large companies, SMEs, and startups.

IdexLab began their Inbound with Hubspot, they moved on to Plezi to help support their growth. 

The main reasons being to better target their prospects and to save them some time with a platform that was suited to them. 

Find out how they restructured their inbound marketing strategy with Plezi and how they can convert leads to  qualified prospects in half the time.


What you'll find in this case study:

 How IdexLab started their inbound marketing strategy. 
Their goals, how they implemented it and the results after one year. 

What attracted them to Plezi. How they found Plezi and how they transferred their data. 

 The results: A refined purchasing journey. A two-way CRM. How the smart campaign made all the difference for their lead nurturing. 


Plezi is THE B2B automation software for smart marketers. It allows you to centralize all your content, contacts and tools to succeed in your inbound marketing strategy.

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