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Case Study: Deepky

Deepki's advice on how to take advantage of Inbound Marketing when other acquisition channels are at zero 

Deepki is a SaaS software created in 2014 to help manage large real estate companies reduce their environmental footprint.

A summer downturn, empty moments, or even something as unprecedented as the lockdown, many periods can prove to be difficult for a company.
How can you continue to generate leads when trade shows are cancelled and customers are difficult to 

Deepki made Inbound Marketing its secret weapon during this downturn.

Inbound, which previously represented 26% of their acquisition rate, shot up to first place to become 53% of their leads.

You'll find in this kit:

  • How to make sure that you generate leads when activity has slowed down through inbound marketing?
  • How to reassess and optimize your marketing strategy?
  • How to create effective content to boost your lead generation?
  • How to define your goals to make sure you get the best results?
  • How to effectively qualify your leads and humanize your marketing approach?
  • How to define your goals to make sure you get the best results?


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