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How Budgetbox created 50% more 'hot leads' while maintaining their customer retention with Plezi's Smart Campaign

Budgetbox has been a digital innovator for at least 10 years, helping brands and retail transform the shopping experience.

Their head of marketing sat down with us to talk about the implementation of Plezi's Smart Campaign, as well as their approach, in an environment where contract renewal is a major issue. Their goal, as well: to provide their sales representatives with qualified prospects and to support the buying journey through nurturing.

The results :


  • + 50% MQL (hot prospects) since the implementation of the Smart Campaign
  • A time saving of about 2 days per month for marketing
  • 100% of repeat customers are affected by marketing
  • The open and click-through rates of Smart Marketing Campaign emails doubled compared to traditional emails

Download the full case study!

Download the case study

“We really wanted to make marketing a means of both acquiring hot leads and retaining existing customers. A significant challenge for us was to maintain and improve our reputation and promote our expertise by publishing content”

Mathilde Ginisty
Head of Marketing

Budgetbox creates digital solutions to help food and drink brands and supermarket chains transform the shopping experience. With expert knowledge of multi-channel shoppers, they design shopping experiences both with and for their customers that meet the expectations of today’s buyers: targeted e-commerce and in-store communication, personalized offers, connected shopping applications, and more.

Plezi is THE B2B automation software for smart marketers. It allows you to centralize all your content, contacts and tools to succeed in your inbound marketing strategy.

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